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"I moved to Fairfax County 20 years ago, so my children could attend the best public schools in the country. I have fought for our children, families, and educators for many years. I fought to save high school sports, language immersion, and music education from elimination. I fought to end the school-to-prison pipeline. I fought to eliminate trailers. I ask for your vote, so I can fight to protect our schools and students from political attacks and to ensure every child receives a world-class education."
To ensure every student receives a world-class education, Mateo will advocate to:
  • ensure equity and consistency in school-level programming;
  • benchmark FCPS against the best public school systems in the world;
  • establish universal pre-kindergarten, which will require increased funding from the State and County; 
  • establish summer accelerator camps to improve math and reading outcomes for elementary students who require additional classroom time;
  • ensure the Young Scholars program is implemented fully and consistently in all elementary and middle schools;
  • establish advanced academic centers at every middle school;
  • establish or expand experiential learning and workforce development programs through partnerships with local nonprofits and businesses; and
  • expand dual enrollment programs to provide every student with the opportunity to graduate with an associate degree;
  • fully implement the recommendations of the 2020 AAP Study; an
  • require every educator to have professional development on advanced learning and learners, to include twice exceptional students.
To ensure FCPS can attract and retain the best educators, Mateo will advocate to:
  • honor educators as professionals;
  • ensure every educator has full use of their planning time;
  • empower teachers to educate students rather than teach to the test;
  • conduct an independent evaluation on the administrative burdens imposed on educators; 
  • conduct an independent evaluation of the needs-based staffing formula to determine if adjustments are required to provide additional teachers for students in need; and
  • provide competitive pay and benefits to educators and staff through the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
To ensure every student with special needs receives a world-class education, Mateo will advocate to:
  • adhere to the principle of "nothing about us without us," which requires regular and continuous consultation with affected students and communities;
  • fully implement the recommendations of the 2021 Comprehensive Special Education Program Review;
  • require every FCPS employee to have professional development on neurodiversity and students with special needsand
  • establish financial incentives to recruit and retain special education teachers.
To ensure every school provides a safe and inclusive environment in which to learn, Mateo will advocate to:
  • maintain regulations and school board policies that protect and support LGBTQIA+ students--the strongest of their kind in Virginia;
  • establish or expand comprehensive education programs for students and families to combat bullying, drugs, sexual assault, and violence;
  • establish food, clothing, and menstrual hygiene pantries at every school with students in need;
  • ensure the State and County increase access to treatment for students with substance abuse disorders; and
  • increase access to translation services across FCPS.
In the absence of effective gun control legislation and to protect our schools from the threat of gun violence, Mateo will advocate to:
  • expedite a security audit of every school building;
  • accelerate the construction of security vestibules at every school; and
  • install weapon detection systems at every school that utilizes advanced sensors along with artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
To support the mental health of students and staff, Mateo will advocate to:
  • increase the number of social workers to the recommended ratio of 1 social worker for every 250 students;
  • increase the number of psychologists to the recommended ratio of 1 psychologist for every 500 students;
  • ensure effective interventions and counseling for students at risk; and
  • establish or expand peer counseling programs.
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